Graduate Development

Graduate Development

Keyturn work with organisations in helping their graduates become effective and valuable contributors as early as possible in their careers.  A key part of attracting and keeping the best graduates is to invest in their development, and in turn they become more equipped to apply their skills and knowledge within the world of business.

Our ‘Business Development for Graduates’ programme can be adapted depending on the needs of the organisation – typically it runs over a 12 to 16 month period.

Listed below is our recommended programme for graduate development.

Module 1 – Launch Event (1 day)

A morning of team-working/ team-building activities, followed by an afternoon of short motivational seminars, including input from key personnel.

Module 2 – Time Mastery (1 day)

One of two core modules that are ideally completed at the earliest opportunity. Graduates use the “Time Mastery” profile to explore techniques, tools and tips, and develop habits of effectiveness and efficiency.

Module 3 – Communication and Networking skills for Influencing Colleagues and Customers (2 days)

The second core module, ideally completed at the earliest opportunity. Graduates look at the way they come across to both colleagues and customers, and seek to ensure that all their interactions are positive, leading to successful outcomes.

Module 4 – Presenting Successfully within Business Meetings
(2 days, *1 day per group of 5)

Graduates will be asked to bring a work-based presentation with them to present to their peers / tutor. Delivery skills will be developed, alongside consideration of preparation, follow-up, and applying certain techniques to general participation within meetings.

Module 5 – Developing Financial Awareness (1 day)

This module will equip Graduates with understanding of common financial terminology and of the impact various decisions will have on profitability, cash flow and budgets.

Module 6 – Project Management (2 days)

Graduates will learn how to set up and run a project, keeping it on track in terms of time, cost, and quality. How to monitor progress, implement necessary changes, and manage others involved in the project will all be covered.

Module 7 – Problem Solving and Decision Making (1 day)

This module develops ability to identify a problem and its cause, generate and implement solutions, and use a range of key techniques to assist the process of decision making

Module 8 – Maximising Performance from Others (2 days)

Focusing on the five core tools of maximising performance, Graduates will become involved in real-life case study, dealing with a range of factors that need to be brought together to achieve great performance

We recommend graduates undertake the programme in groups of up to 10
*(Module 4 runs twice per programme with a maximum group size of 5)

This programme can also be found in a PDF format bellow:

Business Development for Graduates