Community Support

Keyturn are committed to bringing the best out of people and therefore we support local charities in order to help others achieve this. We have been financially supporting the following two local charities for many years who are doing fantastic work in the community:

Futures Unlocked

Futures Unlocked is a brilliant, pioneering charity which provides mentoring support to people coming out of prison into Warwickshire. Futures Unlocked has a successful model and a proven track record in helping people turn their lives around and work through unspeakable backstories and challenges. Various projects run including a community interest café, art gallery and shop which provide their clients and other members of the community with qualifications and work placements.

Find out more about the brilliant projects offered by Futures Unlocked at

Rugby YFC

Rugby YFC is one of the main youth organisations working to engage young people in Rugby and they passionately believe that every young person is valuable and has worth. The team creates engaging projects, resources and teams that seek to give young people a sense of dignity, to help them make right decisions and to give them hope for the future. Working closely with senior and junior schools in the town, Rugby YFC regularly deliver assemblies, depth days and lessons that are fun and interactive. In addition, they also deliver youth events, drop in clubs and summer programmes.


Practical Action

In addition, Keyturn also support Practical Action, an international charity based in Rugby enabling poor communities around the world through technology and practical solutions. Have a look at their fantastic Practical Presents and consider buying a beehive, a lama or even connect a school in Zimbabwe to an off grid solar farm for £14! Each month a member of our team from Keyturn chooses what to send from the Practical Presents list.

Find out more about Practical Action and their Practical Presents at