Graduates, Rabbits, and Unlocking Potential!

Unlocking PotentialIf you spend substantial time and money sourcing graduates for your organisation, you most likely do so because you believe they have great potential.

Chances are you are right – they do have great potential – and hopefully they will realise that potential in your organisation, making a significant and valuable contribution to your success.

Well there’s a lot to be said for hope, but is it enough?

Let’s consider a parallel….

…. Imagine you have a back garden full of rabbits. Whether the picture is appealing or not, is immaterial, but there they are! As you survey each area of your garden, you see rabbits – hundreds of them – covering every patch, filling every corner – they are playing, running, jumping, chewing, burrowing, and of course, breeding. Excellent!

Why excellent? Because this is exactly what you hoped for when you bought that first group of rabbits. You believed in their potential to breed. You had the foresight to buy some of each sex and believed they had the ability to breed; you saw they looked healthy and energetic, and believed they had the desire to breed; and as soon as you let the two sexes loose in your garden, you gave them the opportunity to breed. And, “Hey presto!” The Potential has been Unlocked!

But hang on a minute.

Your original aim (hypothetically) was to breed rabbits, and this has undoubtedly occurred! On reflection however, viewing your now overrun garden, would you really be pleased with this result? Could that potential have been unlocked in a better, and ultimately more successful way? You don’t have to be an actual rabbit breeder to realise that clearly the answer is, “Yes”!

So back to our graduates, or more accurately your graduates – the people who you hope are going to inject expertise, energy, creativity, innovation, and ultimately success, into your organisation.

In what ways am I comparing them to rabbits? Firstly, let’s set aside any direct connection to breeding – this is not where I am going! But I do believe there are several parallels which may help to guide planning, as you seek to ensure that the performance of your graduates is successful:

Parallel 1: Do you believe in the Potential of your Graduates to perform well within your organisation?

Parallel 2: Do you believe that they have ability to succeed? Their graduate status is a clear indication of this, but in what areas do they need to develop?

Parallel 3: Do you believe that they have desire to succeed? You have noted their enthusiasm and motivation during the selection process, but how will this be sustained?

Parallel 4: Are you are in a position to offer them a relevant and rewarding opportunity to apply their skills and enthusiasm?

Parallel 5: As ability, desire and opportunity converge, Potential will be Unlocked, and there will be results!

Parallel 6: Unguided and unchecked, those results may look like a lot of activity, but are they what you want / what the business needs / as successful as they could be???

Parallel 7: If ability, desire and opportunity are set within the framework of good strategy, planning, and management, Potential will be Unlocked in a manner that produces the most pleasing and beneficial results, both short-term and long-term

All very well you may say, but at the end of the day (in fact throughout the day) graduates are not rabbits! Of course they are not. Graduates are much more complicated creatures, with much greater potential, and multiple ways of seeing that potential unlocked. All the more reason then, to ensure that a framework of good strategy, planning and management is in place!

There is also (at least) one other major difference between graduates and rabbits – their ability, desire and opportunity, to shape the way in which they Unlock their Potential themselves!

And this is where the value of a top quality learning and development provider (Keyturn, for example) really comes into play…. picking up the existing ability and desire of your graduates, developing and shaping these qualities to fit into the parameters of the opportunity you want to provide, in a way which keeps your graduates engaged, motivated, efficient, effective, and ultimately, successful!

Do you have the keys which will Unlock the Potential of your graduates within the context of your organisation? Do the graduates have them? What are these keys? What do they look like? How many of them are there? How do you actually use them to Unlock Potential?

All ‘key’ questions to think about and answer if you want to back up hope with good strategy, planning and management.

As you can see, we at ‘Keyturn Learning and Development’, have a quite a few thoughts on the subject of ‘Unlocking Graduate Potential’. If it’s a subject you’d like to talk about more, we’d love to hear from you.

Best regards

Philip Maggs

Chief Executive

P.S. No rabbits (or graduates) were harmed in the creation of this article