Specialist Delivery Team

Specialist Delivery TeamThere is an enormous wealth of experience and knowledge within Keyturn’s facilitation, coaching and consultancy team.

We work with you to select the most appropriate team member(s) to match your defined requirements.

All team members have in-depth understanding of human behaviour, how it impacts on business development, and how to bring about change in behaviour.  Senior team members will work closely with you in combined consultancy, coaching and learning programmes to transform your people and your business.

Keyturn’s unique structure and approach effectively combines the support, stability and quality control of a larger company with the personal expertise and individual flare of each facilitator, coach and consultant on the team. 

Each team member is constantly assessed against ten key abilities, to guarantee high levels of benefit to you and your people.

1. Listener

Individuals receive focused attention.  Real needs addressed

2. Carer

Approachable and available.  Attention paid to progress of each individual

3. Leader

Strong direction through an intensive programme.  Confidence generated

4. Presenter

High interest levels maintained during knowledge-based sessions.  Enjoyable and clear

5. Communicator

Two-way interaction constantly taking place.  Understanding and commitment checked

6. Facilitator

People are led through learning ‘experiences’.  Attitudes change.  Retention is increased

7. Motivator

Enthusiasm generated.  Positive thinking/behaviour replaces negative thinking/behaviour

8. Realist

Difficult issues are faced head on; knowledgeably and constructively

9. Counsellor

Individual feelings/fears are recognised.  Specific support and encouragement is given

10. Achiever

Practical application is constantly considered, maintaining focus on achievement of results