Mission Statement

k logoKeyturn exists to bring the best out of people – providing practical, enjoyable and productive learning opportunities, which give individuals, teams and organisations immediate and ongoing advantage!

Underpinning Values:

  • Each individual has value and potential and is worthy of respect and investment of time
  • All opinions/ideas are worthy of consideration
  • People who feel valued will more completely fulfil their potential
  • Relationships are of central importance to human activity; the development of healthy relationships must never be disregarded in striving to achieve other objectives
  • People have a responsibility to give their best efforts to the achievement of objectives for the organisations in which they work
  • People have a responsibility to contribute to society in general over and above work commitments
  • People are individually responsible for everything they do and say
  • Confidentiality is always to be respected, whether or not specifically requested
  • Honesty, loyalty and respect are foundational business principles
  • All people benefit by character development in the areas of trust, forgiveness, patience, kindness and self-control
  • Training is a tool of development, not discipline, demonstrating a willingness to invest in people
  • Fair treatment of employees and provision of appropriate service levels to clients come before maximisation of profits


An attitude of quality – a desire and a determination to get things right for our clients

Statement of Commitment to Ethical Business Standards & Practice:

An ethical organisation is one which defines what it means by ethical standards and which commits to those standards by consistent practical actions in its dealings with all interested parties, including employees, clients, suppliers, competitors, independent authorities and the general public.

Keyturn Training are committed to ethical business standards and practice based on the above Mission Statement and Underpinning Values