Keyturn’s Project Model

KPM1Stage One – Investigation

Understanding organisational culture, teams and individuals
Defining and agreeing results required
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KPM2 Stage Two- Design

Shaping the length, content, method and style of delivery
Scheduled to fit around your business needs
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deliveryStage Three – Programme Delivery

Stimulating and engaging participants
Enjoyable, interactive learning: relevant; responsive; results oriented; realistic
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KPM4Stage Four – Learning Application

Participants focus on applying specific learning
Key actions and results are recorded
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KPM5Stage Five – Maximising Results

Initial results are recognised with certificates of achievement
Continuation of learning and application, for individuals and groups

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KPM6Quality From Start To Finish

Quality investigation and design carried out by Keyturn, is focused on enabling practical application of learning to begin from the earliest stages of a programme.  Indeed, participants sometimes find themselves beginning to apply learning purely from the investigation and design stages! 

As soon as participants begin to see how learning can help them in their roles, there is an increased motivation and desire to engage in finding more ways to apply learning in the working environment.  Keyturn’s unique programmes build on this enthusiasm, maximising learning application and business results.